Rory Bradford

"Who Am I?" in a sentence

Hi! I'm Rory, an introverted Tech Lead, full-time remote worker, generalist software developer and dog and music lover.

You're mostly likely here for a software related reason, and this is what this site is about. If you did want to contact me about anything else, and feel free, details are further down this page.

Software and how I like it

I am passionate about free and open-source software, contributing as often as I can. I am interested in all aspects of programming, infrastructure, sysadmin and developer tooling. Anything I write for myself, for my productivity or for automation, that I am able to release, I do.

I have experience with many different technologies and tools. In my current role I'm heavily involved in the JavaScript, Python, Linux and Kubernetes ecosystems and have experience with those technologies, but I'm not content with sticking with something just because I'm used to it or because it's popular, I need to understand how it really works underneath. I'm constantly learning and exploring and I always try to use the best tool for the job.

I'm most at home on a UNIX-like system with Vim, a POSIX compatible shell, sed, awk, grep, man pages and make in my toolbelt, but I'm capable in other environments as well.

My favourite operating system is OpenBSD (here are many reasons why), although day-to-day I'm most often using Linux. My favourite programming languages are C and POSIX shell.

Other stuff I do

I maintain a few useful packages for Ubuntu not available in the official repos in a Launchpad organisation.

I occasionally write stuff on my blog, Dysfunctional Programming.

Contact details

My preferred method of contact is via email: rory [AT] dysfunctionalprogramming [DOT] com. Otherwise I'm available via IRC on Freenode as roryrjb. I don't check any other channels.

I accept PGP encrypted email, here is my key.